Creating Value Through Visibility

Sensors that collect and convert data into actionable intelligence  


Perisense sensors deliver performance and productivity data from legacy manufacturing assets and convert it into actionable intelligence to improve quality and results.

Plant Floor Visibility

Our retrofit sensor nodes gather, format, and send machine performance data to a secure cloud-based server that supplies instant alerts, time-based reports, and can share data with other enterprise solutions.

Simple Installation

Our sensor nodes are non-invasive, so in most cases installation takes only 15-20 minutes and can be accomplished while the equipment is running.

Real-time Access

Real-time alerts based on user-selected parameters, provide utilization data such as OEE, heat maps, machine status, and weekly, monthly and quarterly performance comparisons. Legacy machine data is available any time, anywhere, making it easy to see how your operation is running from almost anywhere.



Boost Uptime

About half of manufacturing assets have no connectivity. Greater visibility into machine performance supports the elimination of unexpected downtime and keeps machines running longer allowing condition based maintenance (CBM+) servicing equipment before costly breakdowns.

Improve Quality

Use process monitoring and trend-finding software to alert users to quality issues in real-time. Perisense nodes track typical machine and process behavior, using advanced algorithms to identify and alert workers that conditions are unusual.  

Increase Efficiency 

With greater knowledge of machine and operator performance time and effort on preventing errors and rework can all be eliminated. Comparing the uptime and productivity of different processes allow managers the actionable information to leverage efficiencies and increase production.

Industries Served


Whether operated by OEMs, or Tier 1, 2, or 3, today's plants have machinery of varying ages and compatibility with enterprise solutions.  Perisense nodes can acquire legacy machine data and stream it to corporate enterprise solutions adding visibility and increasing the value of the solution, as well as providing local productivity and condition data to plant management. 


Aerospace and defense manufacturers have some of the most demanding requirements for manufacturing quality and traceability of any industry. Perisense retrofit sensors obtain and deliver data from legacy machines to our customers that helps reduces the cost of documentation compliance while boosting production and quality.


Running a machine shop is a competitive business.  Perisense provides data from your legacy machines that give you instant insight into machine status, OEE, and day over day, or week by week performance variations. You can also build heat maps by the month, that show which machines are busiest, to help manage production bottle necks or identify capacity and areas your sales department should focus on.  



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